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Stephanie Rage Biography Photo Stephanie Rage Biography
Born: 10/24/1964
Aliases: Stephany Rage, Rebecca Rage

Country of Origin: United States United States Coral Gables, Florida, USA
Birth Name: Stephanie Kane
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 165 cm - 5 feet and 5 inches
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Measurements: 34C-22-34
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Status: Retired

She was a successful stripper before she decided to enter the porn business in 1987.

Stephanie Rage was an adventurous and bold sexual performer who was one of the first of 80's starlets to embrace anal sex. Stephanie Rage was also quite eager to try any and all sex toys she could get her hands on, and any Stephanie Rage sex scene is liable to feature some amazing kinky action. She was born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida, and came to the L.A. porn scene by way of Baltimore. Stephanie Rage was an exotic dancer before she took the porno plunge, and she has since gone back to her roots. Stephanie Rage concentrates almost exclusively on her dance career now, often appearing as a star attraction at mud wrestling events. Stephanie Rage will always be remembered by hardcore fans for her hard-charging, out-of-hand sexuality.

Porn Star Stephanie Rage started off in the industry back in 1987. With her first feature being "Magic Fingers". She was one of the more kinky of the stars, bringing in any toys or unusual characteristics into her features. She appeared in more than 100 movies. But left the business in the late 90's.

Stephanie had a unique quality to her performance and a ravaging squeaky toned oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhhh so good of a little "O" voice, pair that with her petite goddess like shape and platinum blond locks and you folks have the makings of one dynamite porn star.

Stephanie has all the right moves to pair up with either sex, as you watch this star at work, as riding cowboy I have never seen a more wiggly rider of the male member. You can't help but really feel Stephanie truly enjoyed the line of work she chose.

Now out of the business and working along side family in Jacksonville Florida, Stephanie she looks back as the industry as a great growth lesson in life and enjoyed her experiences but now is able to appreciate life at a much more laid back pace.

Born and raised in Coral Gables, Florida, Stephanie Rage was a successful stripper before she decided to hit the porn biz. At just a shade over five feet tall she was one of the more petite performers in the business, but it didn't stop her from becoming a fan favorite almost from the beginning of her porn career in 1987. She made approximately 100 videos over the next several years before leaving the business in the late 1990s to return to dancing, where she now devotes almost all of her efforts.

Stephanie Rage
Stephanie Rage interview Photo
Porns Blonde Firecracker!
After taking leave of the porn world to continue her stellar stripping career, Stephanie Rage returns for another scorching round of torrid on-screen sexual antics. Her two scenes in the recent VCA The Last Rumba in Paris" are among her hottest. Stephanie continues to exhibit a lot of energy and some interesting ways to wiggle her tight little ass and those tiny titties, especially as she's chowing down on a couple of dorks. Some of her classic tapes include: "Stephanie Outrageous, Hard Rocking Babes, Lust Weekend, Twisted Sisters, Wrong Arm of the Law", and "Batteries Included." Not only can she suck long, lanky fat dicks or fuck them viciously, she can talk too. Some say too much, but we caught Stephanie on a good day and he's what she had to say.
Q: So what brings you back to the world of exhibitionistic fucking?
A: I missed it, to tell you the truth. I've never really been away from it. I've continued to dance clubs all over the country, and the guys are so good to me. They really like it when a porn star shows up in town and strips for them. I didn't realize I had so many tans, and, well, I always planned on doing some more, so this was it.
Q: In the "Last Rumba in Paris" you take on a couple of the biggest dicks in porn. How'd you like it?
A: It was great, Jon Dough does have a big dick, but it's not too much to handle. But, you know, I like to get tucked. So having two hard dicks is better than one [giggles].
Q: Have you ever tucked a guy you didn't like?
A: I don't like some of the guys in this business.
Q: And you still fuck them?
A: Hey, just because I don't like them doesn't mean I can't have fun screwing around with them. I mean, if you play foot-ball with other guys, do you have to like 'em all before you can really enjoy the game.
Q: Sex is a sport to you then?
A: Oh, yes. It's a work out. That's the way I like it. I want to fuck different guys. I think it's a turn on. That way I know there's more than only one guy who I can turn on, and that makes me feel really good.
Q: How do you like doing girl-girl sex acts?
A: Well, the first all-girl thing I did was in "Hard Rockin' Babes", which was for this guy named Bruce Seven. He's a real sweetheart. A sleazy sweetheart, but okay. But he's got all these things for as to do that I think is really funny. He has us put beads on a string up our pussies, not to mention other places where the sun don't shine. And he's a dildo freak.
Q: How do you feel about using a dildo?
A: I'd rather have a live cock, but, hey, I've used one. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I've got ten off on a dildo, and a vibra-tor once. It was fantastic. Because you can really control the amount of stimulation, if you know what I mean.
Q: Do you masturbate a lot?
A: Yeah, I do. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I'd rather masturbate than use a dildo because sticking some-thing inside my pussy doesn't get me off as much as rubbing my clit. If you do it right, rubbing the clit is the best way to get me off. That's why vibrators are so good. You just stick the end on the clit, and let it vibrate away.
Q: What about vaginal orgasms? Have you ever experienced one?
A: An orgasm is an orgasm, and a girl knows when she gets one. I don't think it matters how she gets it.
Q: In "Batteries Included", you do a wild strip lease and erotic dance so well it looks like you've done it before.
A: I have. I used to be an erotic dancer here in Hollywood and down by the Airport. I even danced over in the Valley at a couple of clubs. It was a lot of fun, and I made pretty good money. Not as good as doing videos, but real good. But I didn't do it for the money, really. I mean, that was the point, but I enjoyed dancing nude in frontal men. It always amazed me that all I had to go is take my clothes off and bend down, spreading in my legs real wide, and lets man look at my pussy to get him all sweaty and ga-ga-eyed. Some of these dick heads that used to come into the club would just pour money out for me to wave my pussy in front of their faces.
Q: Did you ever have sex with a customer?
A: You mean, on stage?
0: Yeah.
A: Not during regular hours. It's against the rules to touch the dancers, but once I did something. Maybe I shouldn't say this, but after hours once, the bartender let a few of his friends stay later and I got a little wild. I started blowing off one guy right on the stage, and the other guys just leaned over and watched. It was so outrageous, and the guy was so turned on he popped right there in front of all his friends.
Q: Were you still sucking when he came?
A: Oh, yeah, but I pulled away no it kind of hit me on the side of the face, but I just rubbed it in like in the porno films, and kept on dancing. The guys were really wild by then.
Q: Did you suck off any more?
A: Yeah, all of them, but only a little bit. Not long enough to get anyone else off. They might have jerked themselves off, but I can't remember.
Q: You have a very outgoing approach to sex, but don't you think that puts men off when you're early ages, beautiful, blonde and very, very highly sexed?
A: Put them off? Are you kidding? That turns them on. Most men I know want me to tell them to unzip their pants, to roll over or to get on top of me. When I'm having sex, I love to yell at my man, "Fuck me you bastard, fuck me harder you little prick!" I think you have to get insulting to really get a guy off. It's not to put him down, it's to get him off. The madder her gets, the harder he pumps, and the harder he pumps, the better I feel, and the better I feel the more I get turned on and the more I scream and hell at the guy to fuck me harder.
0: Do you have any favorite studs you've worked with?
A: Hey, like I said before I'm not picky. Scott Irish was nice, but a little too nice for me. It would have been a little better if he was more aggressive. So many guys are afraid of really handling a woman. It's all right when you do it correctly. I mean, when you don't cause bruises, charlie horses or break bones. But to really fuck a girl hard, and slap her buns hard isn't mean. It's fun. It shows that you're getting off, and when I know a guy is getting off, it make me even more horny.
Q: If looked like you were pretty excited to get Scott's dick inside your mouth.
A: I was. It was my first sex scene for that day, and I was getting a little antsy. Scott has a nice dick, but it's a little too thin for me. I like 'em a little fatter, but not to fat. Just enough so my mouth has to pull apart to get it in.
Q: What about deep throating? Can you do that?
A: No problem. All you need to do is relax, and let the dick slip down the back of the throat. If you can light the gagging, then it's okay. But of course that's the trick, not to gag.
Q: Do you have a favorite sex position?
A: Yeah, I like being on top because I can do more things. When a guy is fucking me in the missionary position I get pinned down and can't move. When I have a cock inside me, I want to move around so I can feel it against the side of my pussy, you know, and twist and turn my hips around.
Q: What's in store for the future with you?
A: I don't try to think about it. Hey, I don't about tomorrow, but today sex is really terrific. It's the most radical thing I've ever done. I mean, the whole idea of turning a man on really blows my mind. Every time I see a hard dick. I have to say to myself, "Hey, I did that. My body did that. This guy looks at my body and it does that to his cock. Wow!" Of course, there's nothing that beats having a cock inside me. It's a feeling that I can't describe. I don't have any plans of doing anything different than just fucking in a lot of videos. The more the better.

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